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If you have ever visited one of our events, you may have noticed we try to sustain a certain quality for a reasonable price. Our expertise and quality lies within our choice of artists, sound systems and young & creative light/stage designers. With these choices we try to create an atmosphere that goes beyond your imagination.

Join our community, take off your daily mask and be yourself all night long!

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Radio Topkaas Schlager & Bezopen

Tony Schavuiter Mr Pee & Mike Litoris DJ Rikkert Harry's soundsystem

Geen Dresscode - Geen feest

Poster of Koekwaus 2018



Partyraiser Sefa Dj AniMe DJ Bass-D Dj Mad Dog F. NøIzEJuliëxEvolver

Juliëx DJ Boonen Mc Syco



coming coon


Neophyte Vince Bountyhunter

Franky Kloeck ft. mc reign Seelen

Jimmy Goldschmitz A-TOM-X Chris

Box & Cox Wim Bère Bessie

Weltenz Ritchie Mr. P Sel Peeters

Siemens & Humphrey Dr. G Eroj N Seibe Yannick


Jean Delaru BASS-D Jan Vervloet

Lavigne David DM Philip Seelen

Chris A-TOM-X Gert

Yannick Bessie Siemes & humprey Ritchie

Dr. G Wim Mr. P Sel Weltenz

Outdoor 2015

Siemes & humprey Bère b2b Ken Monoa Sel

Weltenz Dr. G Jay Deevine


Raffa Ciello

Seelen David DM Nico Morano

Ritchie Bère b2b Mr P Jay Twice



Seelen David DM Wim VS Sel

Ritchie Free D Bère VS Stevens

Forest 808


Stephan Bodzin

Nakadia Cari Lekebusch

Cari Lekebusch Third Son

Jonas SaalbachNico Morano Third Son

Ken Monoa Weltenz Daesical Daniël Pierce

Klaps Bère Roean Yobi The lizard of oz WAR Beans 'n Hedge

Nachtlawaai Kretsch Franck Vibery Foetelfeestje Willem-M

Poster of Forest 808 2


Guti (Live)

Gardens of God Several Definitions

Redhead b2b Double U Jay Nico Morano Deltano

Ken Monoa Unclesand Daesical Steg

Klaps Bère Roean Ellen Triek Nachtlawaai Kretsch

Poster of Forest 808


Masquerade w/ Mind Against

Mind Against

Ken monoa Bère

Roean Ellen Triek b2b Kretsch

Poster of Masquerade with Mind Against

Masquerade W/ Magdalena & AMyn live


AMyn live

Ken monoa Bère Ritchie

Jay Twice Ellen Triek b2b Kretsch

Post of Masquerade with Magdalena

Masquerade W/ Tofke & Deltano



Stevens Bère

Jay Twice Ritchie

Poster of Masquerade with Tofke and Deltano

Masquerade W/ Sharam Jey

Sharam Jey

A-Tom-X Nico Morano Christophe

Stevens® Bère Bessie

Jay Twice Ritchie Dazzl3 Lorens en Senne

Poster of Masquerade with Sharam Jay

Masquerade W/ Compuphonic


Nico Morano

Stevens® Bère

Jay Twice Prebn

Poster of Masquerade with Compuphonic


H20 2015

It's almost 2 years ago since the first edition of H2O.
What an edition it was, 30th degrees, lovely people and a lot of great music.

Last year we were not so lucky concerning the weather.
So to make up for last year, we provide 2 days of H2O this summer!

Jan Blomqvist Illesnoise

Philip Christophe! Nico Morano

Lavigne Chris

Ken monoa b2b Bère Prebn Jay Twice

Wim Bessie Beans & Hedge Yannick

H20 2013

Bère Stevens®

Ritchie Will-M

Prebn Dazzle Mr P

Bessie Lorens & Senne

Booze Cruise

Booze Cruise 2015

Saturday May 16th, we'll leave at 21:00h. The best classics and retro records are to be expected. Around 4'o'clock, we'll return to the port to charge our batteries for day 2 !

A few hours later, it's time for our Deep & Tech house Tour! This starts around 14:00h! After 7h with the best Deep & tech House Tunes our cruise will come to an end.


Chris b2b Wim Siemes & Humphrey

Bère Jay Twice Bessie


Sample b2b Steg Will-M b2b Roean

Ken Monoa b2b Ritchie Prebn b2b Bère Lorens & Senne

Booze Cruise 2014


Weltenz Wim

Bère Prebn

Stevens® Jay Twice

Wall of Fame

our hero's
  • Mind Against Mind Against
  • Magdalena Magdalena
  • Jan Blomqvist Jan Blomqvist
  • Illesnoise Illesnoise
  • Sharam Jey Sharam Jey
  • AMyn AMyn
  • Compuphonic Compuphonic
  • Nico Morano Nico Morano
  • Maxim Lany Maxim Lany
  • Cemode Cemode


always with us
Bère Bère


Bère [Bert Kuppens] has always been passionate by music, this young man started playing his records in 2008. He played in clubs as Shaft, Belvista & Energy.
His style can best be described as catchy and emotionally driven Deep & Tech House.

Now these days he is resident and also co-organizer of our great community “Masquerade”.

Ken Monoa Ken Monoa


« His passion for dark, deep and pounding basslines in combination with strong synths and percussion. » That is how you can describe Monoa's Sound. Music and Fun are his key ingredients. With this combo, he tries to take the crowd on a musical journey.

Ken is strongly inspired by musical idols like Recondite, Mind Against, Ame, Maceo and many others. Having already shared the stage with great artists like Mind against, Magdalena and Illesnoise, he's got the experience to give his audience a great time!


YAMA Bonsai De Secretaris

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